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What are life transitions?

To live is to face inevitable change. The life transition you are experiencing may be the result of a decision you made or a circumstance beyond your control. 

At Your Road Forward we are passionate to work with those facing difficult life transitions.  Your situation is unique. Perhaps a person you loved very much is gone, maybe your relationship ended abruptly, or you are second guessing your current life direction.  Maybe you are leaving home for university, becoming a first-time parent, or trying to navigate empty nest. You may be experiencing regret or sadness for a road that could not be taken.  These changes can shatter dreams you had for the future.

At Your Road Forward we encourage you to embrace authenticity, courage, and meaning.  We journey with you as you regain a sense of self after loss and change. We honour when you feel stuck and help you identify unmet needs, wounds to be healed, and fears that hold you back.  It takes courage to ask for help but we want to be your fellow traveller on your road forward.


Professional Woman in an Office

Individual therapy tailor-made to address your unique needs and concerns. Find meaning during life's most difficult transitions.

separation & divorce

African american unhappy couple sitting on couch after quarrel fight thinking of break up

Recovery, healing, thriving, and peaceful co-existence are achievable goals after the difficult life transition of divorce or separation.

grief & loss 

Stressed Woman

Losing a loved one can be one of life's most difficult transitions. We are here to help normalize and navigate your grief and loss.

youth &

young adults


We are now offering online psychotherapy to teens & young adults.  Navigating the early stages of life can be complex with unique challenges.

Life Transitios
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