group therapy

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Have you lost your sense of meaning since your separation or marital breakdown? Do you want to improve your personal well-being and ability to cope during this transitional period? Group therapy offers unique benefits such as a safe place to experience respect, validation, and support. Receiving peer feedback and relatedness will allow you to let go of the guilt and shame associated with relationship failure. Perhaps you want to adopt a more positive attitude but need an environment that offers acceptance and belonging. 


Online group divorce recovery therapy may help you have better sleep, increased social skills, lower depressive symptoms, reduced anxiety, new coping skills, decreased emotional reactivity, and a greater sense of well-being and purpose.


An individual screening interview session is required to join this group to determine if group therapy is suitable or if individual therapy is a better option. $165 (HST included) for initial individual session and $82.50 (HST included) for each of the 6 sessions.


Please email Janice to book your screening for the next group.