Janice's approach

Existential Integrative Psychotherapy

Existential Psychotherapy is a talk therapy that acknowledges how meaning and purpose in life is hugely important to a sense of wellbeing. It is often when we doubt our purpose that we find ourselves anxious and distressed, or in a state of despair. 

Irvin Yalom described Existential Psychotherapy as dynamic because humans often experience conflicting forces between how they feel, think, and behave. I integrate existential therapy with several other approaches including Emotionally Focused Therapy, Strength-Based Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness.  


My desire is for you to leave therapy sessions with a clearer internal sense of how to live based on what is most meaningful to you instead of allowing external events and people to determine that for you. We will look together at your core beliefs, perspectives, and values.


Life is rarely static and the meaning we derive at each stage of our life is continually being recreated. As your therapist, I will act as a guide, process consultant, and fellow traveler on your personal discovery of meaning. I believe that people have the capacity for self-reflection and have both the ability and responsibility to make rational choices to improve their lives. Anxiety is a normal part of being alive and it often accompanies change requiring us to be creative and courageous in our quest for meaning.   


I work with individuals within the context of their relationships and community. Although we all enter this life alone and leave it the same way, while here, humans are wired to seek and live in community with others. Belonging is only possible through self sacrifice, love, acceptance, and tolerance. Often anxiety, shame, apathy, and resentment keep us stuck in isolation and loneliness so we miss the life-enhancing experiences of inclusion, presence, authenticity, and belonging. 

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