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Peter's approach

Peter Frieswick, MA, CCC
Registered Psychotherapist

You are looking for a wise and helpful friend for your healing journey. A shoulder to lean on. A place to be heard and seen. You and your pain are welcome here.


I use a variety of approaches to facilitate a more holistic and client-centred approach to work through stress, anxiety, depression, increase personal well-being, navigate life transitions, and gain deeper personal insight. Each session is custom-fit for you, focusing on your strengths and needs. I love to equip my clients with skills and tools to help them manage the challenges that life brings them with resilience drawing on approaches such as DBT, CBT, EMDR, ACT, SFBT, IFS, self-compassion, and attachment theory.


You will find I am steadfast, friendly, and help you feel comfortable and at ease. I create a safe, compassionate and non-judgemental environment where you can feel free to be yourself and discover more of who you want to be.

about Peter

I am a survivor of the shadow and a lover of the light. 


I grew up in the shadow of pain: birth deformity, surgeries, and six different homes by the time I was five years old. I tasted the shadow in being bullied, immigrating to Canada, and again when experiencing divorce. Through the years I’ve come to love the light that helps define the edges of difficult experiences. That light which shows where pain ends – and where joy and resilience begin. 


I bring a steadfast, warm, and optimistic personality when walking alongside you through the shadow. Hopefully as we work together you’re able to see the world a little more clearly, find meaning in the wake of suffering, and learn to live again after loss. 


When not in the therapy chair, I find fresh energy in exploring nature, feasting with family and friends, and working with my hands. I also enjoy reading good books, deep discussions, and learning new skills.

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