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youth & young adults

No matter your age, all humans can experience anxiety over the direction or quality of their life. You may have been told these should be the best years of your life but you are struggling to make sense of the world around you. Perhaps you have already faced significant personal loss or heartbreak and need a place to discuss the impact of grief. You may be questioning your choices or experiencing regret. You may feel trapped in circumstances and relationships that seem impossible to escape or navigate. You may be stuck in a trap of comparison, your self-esteem has taken a blow, or you have lost trust in yourself. 

At Your Road Forward we have several therapists who are passionate about working with youth and young adults.  Your journey begins by meeting with your chosen therapist. We want to hear your unique story, support you non-judgementally, and help you build and experience your best life. It is never too early to redefine what success means so you can live life in a more meaningful way.