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empty nest

The empty nest phase of life is a significant transition, often accompanied by a mix of emotions. It's a moment for introspection, self-discovery, and growth.

In our sessions, we approach the empty nest experience through an existential lens. We believe this phase offers a unique opportunity to explore the profound questions of purpose, identity, and the meaning you seek at this juncture.


Together, we create a compassionate and supportive space to process the various emotions that may arise during this transition. Our aim is to help you find new sources of fulfillment and embark on a meaningful exploration of your life's next chapter.

Although your nest may be empty, your life is brimming with possibilities. We are here to provide insight and compassion as you navigate this transformation.

Our sessions may include:

  • Self-discovery: Explore your identity, values, and beliefs.

  • Meaning-making: Engage in conversations about the purpose and meaning you wish to cultivate.

  • Emotional support: Process the emotions that come with the empty nest phase.

  • Fulfillment: Discover new sources of satisfaction in your personal journey.

We will walk with you while you embrace the empty nest as an existential journey of self-exploration and growth. Together, we'll navigate this transition, unlocking the potential for a new and fulfilling chapter in your life's story.


& aging

Embracing the realities and losses of aging can be a deeply existential journey—one that confronts us with profound questions about the nature of life, change, and our own mortality. If you're facing these challenges in your own life or are actively supporting aging parents, we extend our hand to journey with you on this path.


Aging, with its inherent transitions and transformations, invites us to contemplate the essence of our existence and the meaning we attach to it. It's a time when we may confront the very core of our identity, reevaluating our purpose and the legacy we wish to leave behind.

In our therapy sessions, we provide a safe and compassionate space for you to explore these existential questions and navigate the emotional complexities that arise. Whether you're personally navigating the realities of aging or seeking to better support your loved ones, we're here to offer guidance and understanding.


Our goal is not only to help you cope with the challenges of aging but also to empower you to find meaning and purpose in this phase of life. We believe that through introspection, connection, and self-acceptance, you can discover profound insights and embrace the aging process with grace and wisdom.

If you're ready to embark on this existential journey, we're here to support you personally or equip you with the tools to better assist those you love. Together, let's navigate the mysteries and gifts of aging and uncover the rich tapestry of life that continues to unfold.

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