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Separation & Divorce Specialization
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divorce separation

Separation and divorce pose unique challenges for maintaining well-being for all members of a family unit.  Our team offers therapeutic support for teens & adults during the difficult transition of marital separation and divorce. 

Parents are uniquely positioned to create a safe and loving home that represents their values and what is most meaningful to them. Children thrive when parents are committed to these goals. Families are a system where every member can benefit from psychotherapy during transitional moments. Gains made to one part of a system can positively impact the whole.

divorce recovery 
  • taking time to grieve and heal

  • recognizing losses while discovering healthy ways to meet your needs

  • embracing the reality of new roles and responsibilities

  • creating new rituals and the life you want

  • exploring who you are now and becoming your most authentic self

  • finding meaning in your experiences and the courage for next steps

co-parent therapy

We provide individual or co-parent psychotherapy and psycho-educational resources for co-parents committed to amicable living. 

  • forming stable households and a positive co-parenting relationship

  • establishing mechanisms for adjustments when circumstances shift

  • handling conflict

  • making plans to tell children about your separation or divorce

  • protecting children through deliberate co-operation, respectful communication, and healthy functioning



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